TLL-031 - Tallinn Private Medieval Beer Tasting & Legends Excursion

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This traditional medieval beer tasting takes place at the residence of a prosperous merchant and at a local restaurant near the Town Hall.

Tour price per adult:

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Group size Price per 1 person
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Tour includes

  • 2h private guide services
  • Tallinn Lower Old Town Walking Tour
  • 1 honey beer with candied almonds
  • beer tasting with a snack plate

Tour excludes

  • Gratuity to the guide is not included in the tour price.


  • 00:0000:15
    Lower Old Town walking tour
  • 00:1500:45
    Beer tasting with almonds in medieval restaurant
  • 00:4501:15
    Lower Old Town walking tour continues
  • 01:1502:00
    Visit to a local restaurant/pub for sampling of local beers with a snack plate

Additional information

Children under 18 years old are served soft drinks.

Children’s Discounts: 3-year-old and under are free, 15% discount for ages 4-12.

A language supplement of 10 Eur/h is added for tours in Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch and Turkish language. This supplement will be added to the tour rate published.

  • Lower Old Town
  • Viru Gates
  • St. Catherine´s Passage
  • Town Hall & Town Hall Square
  • Town Council's Pharmacy
  • Kalev Marzipan Museum
  • Beer tasting in medieval restaurant
  • Best selection of local beers

In medieval Tallinn, it was customary to arrange beer tasting ceremonies before the grandest of feasts.

A short guided tour will introduce you to the medieval mysteries of this old Hanseatic town. Tasting of local beers will be an interesting and rewarding way to discover new flavors.

Your lower medieval old town tour takes you to discover the magic of history of Estonia and Tallinn.  Discovering most interesting and significant sites, each with their own story to tell, allows you to admire the the fortified medieval Town Wall with many towers, the impressive over 600 year old Gothic Town Hall, the Town Hall Square and Town Council Pharmacy. This is also the oldest continuously functioning pharmacy in Europe. You will also see the Marzipan Museum Room and learn how a medicine, made in a local pharmacy during the Middle Ages became a popular treat later on. At the museum room, there are 200 marzipan figurines, cards and cakes on display.

We will then jump in time to medieval Europe. Beer was one of the most common drinks during that time also in old Reval, as Tallinn was known back then. The first beer brewers in town were Catholic monks.

In honor of this old tradition, we offer the opportunity to sample the famous beer in a distinctly medieval way. Thereafter a medieval beer is served, almonds will be brought to the table.

The tour continues to a more modern pub with a sampling of local beers and some lovely snacks.

Sip by sip you will come to understand why beer is considered by locals a truly holy drink.

May the tasting begin!

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Tallinn Private Medieval Beer Tasting & Legends Excursion

    Reviews of our tours


    Tallinn Private Medieval Beer Tasting & Legends Excursion

    We had a great experience. The tour guide was excellent and was capable of answering all of our questions and had great insight in Tallinn’s history. We had a lot of fun. It was great to see the old local restaurant’s and shop’s. We tasted good beer.


    Tallinn Private Medieval Beer Tasting & Legends Excursion

    Our tour guide, Eva-Maria was very knowledgeable and she told us about the history  and stories behind the all places we visited. She also very patiently answered all our questions about everything, from the local education system to the economy and property prices!  She also recommended many things to see and do, and (more importantly) many places to eat and drink during our time in Tallinn. We tried many of these over the next few days and were not disappointed once. The tour was very well organised and all the places we visited were expecting us, and the 2 hours flew by. I can highly recommend this tour with Estonian Experience and Eva-Maria. Note: The tour only covers the lower part of the Tallinn old city, as the beer stops take time. If you are not fussed about beer, I would recommend going on Estonia Experience’s 2 hour walking tour instead.


    More detailed overview and photos of the tour in a blog Diary of a Tourist.


    Tallinn Private Medieval Beer Tasting & Legends Excursion

    Brilliant. We hired Triin as a guide and could not have had a better day. it has inspired us to visit Tallinn again for much longer. Wonderful highly recommended.

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