Tallinn Blog- ” It´s Like Scandinavia, But Cheaper and More Fun”

Blog on Tallinn ” It´s Like Scandinavia, But Cheaper and More Fun”

This is a quote borrowed from the comments to this great blog giving you an idea with real images of the unique and beautiful Tallinn look like during the winter months. A good recap of how to come and where to stay is also added on the bottom of the blog. So, do it like This American Girl and come discover this enchanting capital city of Estonia.

Read the whole blog here: If the World Were Like Tallinn

Christmas Market on Tallinn Town Hall Square

Boat From Helsinki
Approximately $20-$40 each way, 1.5-3 hours

Big cruise ships connect Helsinki and Tallinn 20 times per day, run by several operators. I took Tallink, which was well organized and stunned me with its opulence. I spent my two hours onboard the ship ravaging the all you can eat buffet, which had shockingly healthy options. For breakfast I had raw salmon, cucumber salad, sauerkraut, plain yogurt, and black sourdough bread. This is probably the easiest, most comfortable transport option.

Flights from throughout Europe 

If you’re coming from a further distance in Europe, check flights between your destinations. Low cost carriers RyanAir and EasyJet have service from London and other major cities. A variety of other airlines also have flights to Tallinn.


Buses connect Tallinn with other destinations in Estonia, check Tpilet for schedules. International bus companies Ecolines, BalticShuttle, Hansabuss, and Lux Express run to and from cities like Riga, Lithuania, and even St Petersburg.


Come and experience the unique atmosphere of medieval Tallinn in stunningly festive decor during this special time on Private Winter Walking Tour in Tallinn Old Town.


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