7 reasons why you’ll want to spend your summer in Copenhagen

We could go on for hours about Copenhagen, and all the cool things you could be doing on your summer holiday. There’s the vibrant city life, the lush gardens and Nordic beaches all in one – and you can bike between everything! But we should probably restrain ourselves, so we’ve boiled our inflammatory speech down to seven really good reasons why you should spend the summer in Copenhagen.

Rent a bike, jump in the saddle and get ready to conquer the streets of Copenhagen. Biking is by far the easiest way to get around in the conveniently small capital. Oh, and this place, Bryggen 11, has excellent ice cream – definitely one of our favourite frozen fixes.

The water of Copenhagen’s old industrial harbour is super clean, which is actually a rare thing. Throughout summer, the harbour baths are full of people splashing around or practicing head dives from Islands Brygge‘s staircase, while boats peacefully sail by.

#3 Find new green spots around every corner

Park between the Christiansborg palace and the Danish Jewish Museum in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Copenhagen is nothing like the metropoles that house millions of people in enormous skyscrapers. Denmark’s capital is still pretty earthbound and sprinkled all over with green oases such as King’s Garden and Assistens Cemetery. Perfect places for chilling out, sunbathing and picnicking.

#4 Laidback summer vibes at the local markets

Are you looking for Danish delicacies, local vegetables, fresh fish, or maybe some Italian specialties? Then visit Copenhagen’s popular market place Torvehallerne.
Torvehallerne is situated right by Nørreport Station, and offers more than 80 shops.

Taste the whole world and flush down the local Copenhagen vibes with top-class Danish craft beer. How’s that?

Can’t decide between city break and beach holiday? Well, you don’t have to. Svanemøllen and Amager Beach Park are just two examples of popular, sandy stretches not far from the centre. If you are looking to take a trip out of the city, there’s plenty of beautiful coastline to explore all over Zealand.

#6 Take part in the Danes’ famous happiness

Declared the happiest people in the world multiple times, the Danes almost burst with excitement in the summer months. Maybe it’s something in the air, maybe they’re just bouncing back from the cold winter – either way, you’ll meet smiling faces everywhere.

…for when you need a change in scenery. During an enjoyable scenic countryside drive south-west of Copenhagen, you can learn more about the Danish Vikings and their role in the world history. Take an advantage of our Private Viking Heritage Tour to Roskilde & Viking Ship Museum Experience.

Or how about visiting another country for a day? A short trip across the sound will take you to Malmö – Sweden’s third largest city where you can meet the Danes’ melodiously speaking neighbours and have Swedish ‘fika’. Come and discover the inviting Swedish city of Malmö on a Copenhagen to Malmö Private Day Trip.


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Best Views of Copenhagen

When you have had enough of the bustling and beautiful Copenhagen on street-level, come and climb these vantage points for the best view from up above in Copenhagen. Copenhagen is a city with quite a few spires, towers and other observation decks. Here are some of our favorite spots to visit while in Copenhagen.
Cityscape of Copenhagen, Denmark

The Round Tower ( Rundetarn)

This is the view from what is probably the most famous tower in Copenhagen. The Round Tower is a classic spot to take in a beautiful sunset over the rooftops of the historic city center.

An epic view of Amalienborg, Copenhagen’s inner harbor and the opera house in one. The tower is open all Saturdays and Sundays at 13.00, and each day between June 15 – August 31.

 The tower of Christiansborg Palace

You’ll feel on top of the world when taking in the view from the tower of the Danish Parliament building. Entrance is free, by the way, and the restaurant is highly recommendable.

Standing at a dizzying 90 metres, and with a spiraling walk to the top, this tower is not for the faint of heart. The view from the top is totally worth it, though.

The iconic ZOO Tower from May 1905 is one of the oldest buildings in Copenhagen ZOO. Once you have climbed the 182 steps to the top in the 50-meter-tall tower, you have a wonderful view of Copenhagen’s towers and rooftops.


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Don’t Leave Copenhagen Without Doing These 15 Things

We are kind of in love with the Danish capital of Copenhagen as a city and destination to visit.

Denmark is the country of living in the moment. Recently named the happiest nation in the world!


I know, it´s like doing the impossible and choosing between your own children between the lovely Baltic Sea harbors we offer, but the Danish capital really has it all to bring you the unique Danish understanding of life- it´s about hygge ( definition: In essence, hygge means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people), fantastic design in every aspect of daily life, freedom via open spaces on the breathtakingly beautiful coastline and being able go deep in culture, enchanting countryside castles and the wonderfully rich city space in a matter of days. We know tourists who have come for their first visit and returned the next year as residents to Copenhagen, because they could not let the inviting feeling of Danish lifestyle go.

Not sure what the Danish hygge is really about, come and question our wonderfully Danish private tour guides on Copenhagen Tours, and find out.


Useful Danish Words

Thank you


Quick facts about Copenhagen and Denmark

Population 5,627,235 (2014)

Area 42,916 square kilometres

Population density 130.50 per square kilometre

Geographic region Scandinavia

Gross domestic product DKK 1,915 billion (2014)

GDP per capita DKK 322,000 (2014)

Capital Copenhagen 1,246,611 (2014)

Other major cities Aarhus 259.754, Odense 172.512 & Aalborg 109.092 (2014)

Form of state Monarchy

Government The Liberal Party (Venstre)

Head of state Queen Margrethe II (since 14 January 1972)

Head of government Lars Løkke Rasmussen (since 28 June 2015)

Ethnic distribution 5,026,561 Danes. Immigrants and their descendants constitute 600,674 (2014)

Life expectancy Women 81.9 years, men 78.0 years (2014)

Language Danish

Religion 90% Protestant

Currency Danish Kroner, DKK 1 Krone = 100 Øre (DKK 5.58 = USD 1, 2014)

Membership UN, OECD, EU, Nato, Schengen, OSCE, IMF, WTO and others.




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