Don’t Leave Copenhagen Without Doing These 15 Things

Don’t Leave Copenhagen Without Doing These 15 Things (more…)

Autumn is a perfect time to visit Copenhagen

VisitCopenhagen has put together a wonderful proof of the fact, that no matter how tricky the Danish weather- autumn in Copenhagen is a beautiful and vibrant time of the year to visit the charming Danish capital city. (more…)

NEW Family tour in Copenhagen- Day Trip to Vikingland heart in Roskilde with Viking Ship Museum Visit

Storm the unique Viking past of Denmark on an adventurous day trip to Roskilde fjord and Viking Ship Museum. (more…)

Copenhagen Airport Transfer and City Tour in One

We all know that feeling when you´ve been traveling for hours and then when you finally arrive in Copenhagen, you really don’t want to spend too much time trying to figure out how you get to your next stop. (more…)

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