Guide To Top 10 Danish Traditional Lunches- Go Sandwich! has put together a delicious overview of most mouth-watering traditional Danish lunch. If dark rye bread and herring are not your thing, try a delicious Danish-inspired sandwich called Stjerneskuld ( A Shooting Star in English).

Here are some fabulously witty tips for making your Shooting Star Sandwich no matter where in the world you are hungry for some Danish-style lunch.

Easily Denmark’s craziest concept open-faced sandwich, the Shooting Star is both a treat to the eyes and an extravaganza to the taste buds. How can I describe this famous construction? Well, it’s basically a combination of every known fish and seafood topping you find in the common sandwich toolkit – it’s what the average Dane could potentially make with the leftover smørrebrød toppings from a large family gathering – and in fact, that is why I am making this very treat – loads of leftovers!

The concept is based on the 1st cardinal rule of gastrony: that if one yummy thing tastes good, then therefore it stands to reason that five yummy things must taste five times better!

Buttered Danish Rye Bread (Rugbrød)


The essential ingredients are the following:

Fried Plaice (or Sole) Filet
Pickled Herring
Smoked or Cured Salmon
North Atlantic Shrimp
Optional green stuff: Dill, Lettuce
Lemon Wedge


Basically, you pile it all up on the bread, fitting it all as best as possible, not worrying too much about spill over. Then go to town with fork and knife and beer. Decadent! Scrumptious! Awesome! Words can barely describe…


Anyway, you shouldn’t take our word for it. Make it yourself and enjoy. However, if you aren’t able to make this yourself, but you happen to be visiting Denmark, here are a few excellent spots where you can find a professional Danish-chef who will gladly make a Stjerneskuld for you. If undecided, let one of our typically Danish friendly and easy-going tour guide give you their locals tips on where to go for a sandwich when taking a break for coffee & sandwich on one of our Copenhagen Tours.

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Guide To Top 10 Danish Traditional Lunches

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