What To Do During Your Christmas Time Visit to Helsinki

Christmas in Helsinki is not just the magic of the land of Santa Claus

Compared to all the glittering Christmas cities around the world, the Finnish capital is like an urban retreat that energizes and soothes you with its hot saunas, beautiful nature, and both new and old traditions.

Here is a special guide for the festive season to help you start planning your visit: Your local guide to Christmas.

See you in Helsinki in December?


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Christmas Traditions in Helsinki


If in doubt, contact us for your Helsinki tour or Tallinn to Helsinki Day Trip.

Signs of winter in Helsinki:
✔️ Blizzards
✔️ Cross-country skiers in Keskuspuisto (Central Park)
✔️ Sledding hill in Alppipuisto park
✔️ Snowmen in courtyards
✔️ Christmas decorations in windows
✔️ Snowploughs out early in the morning
✔️ Long johns
✔️ Ice fishing on the Töölönlahti bay
✔️ Walking on the frozen sea
✔️ Kick sledding at Suomenlinna
✔️ Icebreakers clearing the shipping lanes
✔️ Taxi stands with long lines of Christmas partygoers


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