The Best Tallinn guide for Family!

We contacted Nordic via Whatsapp when we were on our way at the Tallink Silja ferry from Helsinki to Tallinn. So glad that Maria could make herself available at such short notice.

She spoke good English. She brought us, a family of 5 (with 3 young children) so entertained. She brought us to the Marzipan workshop, which the kids got so involved in it. This whole Scandi trip has been quite boring for the kids, but Maria was very entertaining. She could tell interesting stories about Tallinn for the children and we could see that Maria has passion in her eyes for what she is doing. She talked about the history of Tallinn in a very detailed way, and we were never once bored. She knows Tallinn inside out. There was not a single question she couldn’t answer.

She whole heartedly follow the pace of our family, taking pictures and wait for us to shop for souvenirs along the way, never at once rushed us to the next destinations. We took a 5hr guide with vehicle with Maria and she kept on filling us with informations about Tallinn. We went to both the old town and the modern one. We practically covered everything we want to know about Tallinn!

At the end of the tour, we knew Tallinn so much. The whole tour was so enjoyable. Turns out a day trip in Tallinn is enough, we are so glad we got Maria as our Tallinn guide!


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