Perfect experience of Estonia

My family of 6 were on a 10-day trip to Finland, but had a free day in Helsinki and was looking for something to do. A lot of blogs were recommending a day trip to Tallinn, so I started looking around for a suitable tour agency. I chose Estonian Experience almost at random, because they appeared to provide a comprehensive package for a reasonable price. I didn’t have high expectations, but was completely blown away by the amazing experience we ended up having. Our guide Eva-Maria was friendly, engaging, and most of all you could feel her palpable passion which was contagious. We learnt so much about Tallinn, the culture and history, about the Singing Revolution, and how Estonia became a proud republic. This day trip to Estonia ironically turned out to be the highlight of our family’s 10-day Finland trip, topping even the husky rides, aurora chasing and Santa Claus village in Rovaniemi. In fact, we are now seriously considering coming back to Tallinn next year to experience the 150th anniversary of the Estonian Song Featival. That’s how impactful this tour was! I can’t recommend them strongly enough. Our only regret was that we couldn’t stay longer in Estonia.


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