Interesting Facts About Vilnius & Lithuania

  1. By the end of the fourteenth century, Lithuania was the largest country in Europe. Today, United States territory is about 151 times bigger than Lithuania.
  2. On February 4, 1991, Iceland became the first country to recognize Lithuanian independence.
  3. Lithuania joined the United Nations on September 17, 1991.
  4. On May 1, 2004, Lithuania joined the European Union.
  5. Lithuania is divided into 10 counties, 60 municipalities, and 500 administrative areas.
  6. 83.6% of the Lithuanian population is ethnic Lithuanians who speak the Lithuanian language.
  7. The historically predominant religion is Roman Catholicism.
  8. Lithuania is situated in Eastern Europe, between Latvia and Russia, and stands bordered by the Baltic Sea, Belarus and Poland.
  9. Lithuania is one of the countries that make up the ‘Baltic States’. However, contrary to what the name suggests, the states do not share political unity.
  10. The currency of Lithuania is Euro and 1 Euro is equal to 100 centas.Image result for lithuanian euro
  11. Lithuania was the last country in Europe to be converted to Christianity. Before Christianity, the country’s religion was ‘Romuva’.
  12. The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius.
  13. Juozapines Hill (294 m) forms the highest point in Lithuania, while the largest and longest river in the country is Nemunas.
  14. Lithuania had only one king during the royal times, King Mindaugas.
  15. The mother of Pope John Paul II was of Lithuanian descent.
  16. Lithuania was the first Soviet republic to declare independence from the USSR.


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