Curonian Spit- the Highest Moving Sand Dunes in Europe

Spend a day in the serenity of the natural beauty of the Curonian lagoon and spit. Walk the Grey Dunes and capture the migrating bird colonies of Lithuania.


The spit is so much more then a stunning natural phenomenon, that spending any less then a whole day exploring this unique 90-kilometer stretch of sand is just not worth it.

Expanding upwards towards the Lithuanian mainland, separating the waters of the Baltic Sea from the Curonian lagoon, we will start our day of exploring with a panoramic sightseeing drive of Klaipeda.

Thereafter crossing the sea to the spit to visit the Joudkrante resort village, famous for it´s historic amber dig and the Hill of Witches displaying more than 70 wooden sculptures. Most of these eccentric looking figures are based on delightful Lithuanian legends and folk tales.

Before reaching one of the most dramatic natural features of the spit, the Grey Dunes, we will stop for a spot of bird watching south of Juodkrante at the largest colony of grey herons and cormorants in Lithuania.

Once in Nida, a small town swelling with visitors in summers, it´s time to enjoy a bit of free time for lunch and explore the streets once ruled by the German knights and the Russian czars. Our walking tour of the local heritage takes us also to the Amber Gallery and promenade showcasing the stunning beauty of the spit.

After a short ferry ride we arrive back in Klaipeda for a stroll around the historic old town including photo stops at the Theater Square and the Magical Mouse sculpture.

This day trip to Curonian Spit will reward you with it´s astonishing natural beauty and experiences to remember.

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